Mighty No Bitey® Duo -- 8 Fl Oz & 4 Fl Oz -- FREE SHIPPING!

Mighty No Bitey® Duo -- 8 Fl Oz & 4 Fl Oz -- FREE SHIPPING!


The Mighty No Bitey Duo at a great price!

Get our most popular large 8 oz size PLUS the handy 4 oz carry-along size here at a discount of almost $3.00.

Keep one at home, take one on the go!

*FAST FREE SHIPPING TOO — we ship same / next day via PRIORITY MAIL.

Defend your precious skin with this broad-spectrum, all natural insect repellent made with 100% organic ingredients -- a combination of boosters and essential oils proven effective.

Mighty No Bitey's® unique formula is oil based for long lasting protection against dreaded TICKS, MOSQUITOES, no-seeums, gnats, flies, bees and other flying pests.

Unlike alcohol based formulas, Mighty No Bitey® isn't 'vapor activated' -- meaning it doesn't evaporate. As with any product containing essential oils, keep away from eyes and mouth. Not for ingestion. It's vet approved, so you can use it on your doggie friends as well, but do NOT use on cats as they are differently sensitive and prone to licking/ingesting the oils.

Mighty No Bitey. It's safe -- and it works!

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