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Two hours in the garden working near a wheelbarrow full of stagnant water and not one bite! Smells great, works like a charm. Deet no more!
— Dee Louise, Austin TX
effective and safe!! feel comfortable using this product on my 2 yr old grandaughter! have bought several bottles for friends with small children.
When I moved to Florida some years ago, I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of mosquitos. I had experienced mosquitos in upstate NY, but I swear they dive bomb you here in Florida. So I was using a lot of chemicals that I didn’t like. About a year ago, I heard about this new mosquito repellant and I decided to stock it in my shop - I own a bead store in Florida and even though an insect repellent isn’t what a bead store would normally stock, I stocked it anyway because I knew other customers might like to try it. And it works. And it works great. And it smells good. My customers came back for more. I even spray it on my dog when we go for walks - he hated the chemical kind, but he doesn’t seem to mind Mighty no Bitey.
— Dana, Englewood FL
I’ve been using this product since last summer, and couldn’t be more pleased with it. First, it’s pleasant to apply and wear, unlike the cans of spray-on poisons. Second, and best, it does what it promises, keeping the biting bugs at bay (see photo below, taken at Cape Cod last August). And not only mosquitoes and ticks: I wore it at the beach, where it kept the horrible sandflies away. I keep a bottle in the house and one in the car.
— Byron N., Ghent NY
We live around water and woods and mosquitoes literally eat you alive in the evenings. My daughter and I have very sensitive skin and can not tolerate chemical bug sprays. Mother Nature know’s best! This stuff is amazing! Shake it really well and it works wonderful and smells nice! I’m recommending it to all my friends and doctors I work with. From a nursing stand point- I love it! No chemicals!
— Brandie V, Huntington WVA
All natural product that works!
I like to bike and hike and used “Mighty no Bitey” last year to repel insects. It Worked!!!
I bought more for this year. Great Product!!
— Joe H., Hudson NY
I am allergic to Deet. Deet gives me an instant headache and it is not good for you. I am a gardener and I love to hike and I must be delicious to mosquitos because I have always gotten bitten. I decided to give Mighty No Bitey a try for 12.99 and I am thrilled that it works! You must follow the directions though. Spray it on skin and rub in. This is 100 percent natural so it won’t hurt you. When I did this, I got no bites! First time in my life. Wish all mama’s could have this in their purse. It is great.
— Anne, KY
Mighty No Bitey has a pleasant smell and doesn’t irritate my skin or my eyes. Other products I’ve used cause my eyes to tear/itch. This all natural product is hassle free and it works!!
My wife and I can work in our garden and actually enjoy our outdoor activity without having to swat at mosquitoes and gnats. My wife used Mighty No Bitey when she was pregnant and had no adverse reactions. We hike in the woods behind our home with our toddler and small breed dogs...A quick application of this product and we’re all good to go for the day. I have never seen a bite on my child after applying this product. I even give the dogs a little spray on their coat and we’ve never found them with ticks after our walks. Because it’s all natural I have never been concerned about the dogs licking their coats afterwards. Well worth the money!
— "DIYguy," KY
I have very sensitive skin and I’m very particular about using chemicals on my body, in my home and around my pets. This stuff totally did the trick and the ingredients are JUST what I’ ve searched for!
I love this stuff. I’m giving it to my friends at our annual picnic & car show this year!
I highly recommend this all natural product, and I’ve tried dozens.
— Wendy, NY

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